Monday, January 7, 2008

An Unexcitingly Titled Blog

One principle that I value in my life is happiness. Happiness is something that can guide anyone in life. When I am happy, I dont worry about other things, such as problems at school, fights with friends, or anything else that I could be worried about. Being happy is important in life because happiness is the feeling that makes you feel good about yourself and about whatever is going on around you.

One news event that happened in the last year that was important was the whole Virginia Tech shootings. It was important in our world because it shows how unsafe and unprotected we still are from psychos. There are people in our world who are mentally unstable and pushed to their limits and lose it. The person responsible for the shootings was apparently bullied and that pushed him to do the unthinkable-break into a classroom and shoot his fellow classmates.

Somethings that I hope to accomplish in 2008 are to study better, sleep more, party more and be nicer. I hope to meet new people and get new friends. I hope to strengthen relationships that i have now and i hope to keep those friendships for a lonnnnng time. I hope to be a better student and improve my grades. I hope to get along better with my parents, especially with my psychotic mom. I hope to spend more time with my sister and get to know her better because in the past two years we have really not talked a lot or spent time with each other. I hope to accomplish a lot of goals this year!! yay 2008!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toward the Future/From the Past

Limitations that I felt while writing the play was that I am more used to writing short stories, so it was hard for me to write dialogue and actions that can be shown on stage instead of just read. The strengths in the form of writing a play is that you can really convey the emotions that you want. Instead of a reader trying to visualize the story in their head, an audience can really SEE what is going on. I didnt find any pleasant surprises in writing this play. I think that it was quite difficult to write this play, especially all the indentations and italicizing every action. No, i dont think that i ever want to write another play. it was the worst experience of my writing life. I never want to write one again. I would much rather write poems or short stories.
I think that i would want to choose one event from my life and talk about that and then follow up on how it has impacted my life now. I would want to try to convey all the emotions that i felt when the event happened to me, happy, excited, sad...etc. If i had to advise a kid on growing up in today's world, i would give them advise based on my experiences because it would be honest and something that i actually went through. i would tell them that in this life, you go no where without friends. Friends are people who guide you through the toughest struggles, along with family. I would tell them to meet the best people that they can and take advantage of the time they have to spend together. I would also tell them that whatever you want out of life you have to earn for yourself. There is no one here to hand out dreams and accomplish goals for you. You have to do it yourself, so work hard at whatever you do. I would tell them to be happy and not hold grudges because so much of life can be wasted being mad and angry. That's just advice that I would give based on past experiences in my life.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Luigi Pirandello, playwright: "A man will die, a writer, the instrument of creation: but what he has created will never die!"

1) Having a theme in a writing is very important. It provides for in-depth thought at analysis and makes to think of how to apply the certain themes to life. Every story has some sort of point to it, with a moral or idea that can be applied to life in some way. For an illustration to be "great", it needs to evoke some sort of emotion, and provide for further discussion, which could spark ideas about everyday life. Examples of stories or plays that have theme can range from a children's story such as Cinderella, to a more challenging story such as Invisible Man.

2) The reason such literature lasts for so long is because at some point it evoke some serious thought in someone which caused them to pass the ideas of the piece along and make some sort of changes in the world. The reason such old plays and stories are around is because they clearly illustrated what society was like in that time period and how characters dealt with moral issues in their lives. Right now, I don't think that I could write a piece that would last forever and be recognized in the future. However, if I kept a journal or something it would be interesting to keep it for a long time and pass it on to my children, and maybe for their children it would be interesting for them to read what my life was like. I've always thought that it would be interesting to know what my parents' lives were like when they were teenagers.. because they always complain how hard their life was and what amazing teenagers they were. THAT would have been lasting literature.

3) If I could send out one message to the world, it would be PEACE. I would want the world to see that it is possible to have friendship and relation instead of hate and war. Even though countries and people may disagree with each other doesnt mean that we need to declare ourselves enemies and wage war. As a writer, if i had substantial talent, I would write a book, showing the potential of our world with peace, kindness and no war or hate. I would hope that when people read my book, or whatever piece of writing I come up with, they will be inspired and look for changes within their communities. Slow changes like that can really start a movement for change. And all that can be sparked by an idea in a good piece of literature.

Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3rd 2007 :)

1) Something in the world that concerns me is world hunger and poverty. There is so much news about the homeless roaming streets and there is more and more news about umemployment in America. I think that this is an issue that everyone should be concerned with because if unemployment is rising the future of America doesnt look good. The homeless are roaming streets and begging for money, which in turn, most of them turn around and use it to purchase alcohol or drugs. I constantly hear what a problem this

2) One person that has a really dynamic personality is someone i used to be friends with. They were always very upbeat and happy. They could always cheer me or anyone around them up. Even when they were having an off day, they were always concerned and interested enough to ask me how i am and how my day was. They were always involved in activities but always had time for their friends. I think that they are an amazing person, and im sad that we dont talk very much anymore.

3) One song that I love and has always inspired me is "World's Greatest" by Robert Sylvester Kelly hahah R. Kelly... I think that this song is very inspirational because he talks about overcoming obstacles and acheiving whatever it is that you want. I love hearing and listening to this song whenever I feel down, or have had a bad day. Its the kind of song that you would hear at church, in movies and credits, and at graduations.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happiness Assignment

1) If someone asked me the question of what happiness was, I would wonder how they dont know what happiness is. Living without any happiness is like living without sunlight. Lacking happiness in your life is not having anything to cheer you up on when the days ahead of you are bleak. It means having no one in your life that you can count on for help or a support. Happiness is that streak that runs through you that allows you to have a good outlook on things, take pleasure in daily events and brings a smile to your face.

2) Happiness specifically in my own life are my friends. Without them school would be boring and so would be my free time. Another happiness in my life is MUSIC!

3) The people who have the greatest impact on my life are my family and friends. My family, like my mom and dad have power to influence my life. They can ground me, which would prevent me from having happiness, which is spending time with my friends, being on the computer and listening to music.

4) I impact EVERYONE'S happiness! i think that within a group of friends or family, every is directly connnected to everyone else's feelings, such as happiness. Doing well in class will bring happiness to my parents, getting permission to go out with friends will bring happiness to me and my friends. All actions come with the consequence of great happiness or dissapointement.

5) all i need right now in my life is good grades, doing well at work, keeping my parents from being mad at me and STEFF!! All those things will make me very happy!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Assignment #8

  • family
  • friendship
  • love
  • a vacation or a trip
  • a true story (a day in the life of someone)
  • a favorite... something (candy, place, person, song)
  • an animal

Assignment #7

#1) Throughout first quarter, I really enjoyed the writing prompts that we did in the beginning of class. It helped in those moments where I couldnt get an idea for a poem or story or something. They also inspired interesting conversations in the class. I also really liked the group writing days! The stories all ended up being really funny, and we all enjoyed working on them as a group.

#2) My strongest piece of writing are my poems. I think that they are because i really like to rhyme, and those are my favorite poems! but i also have serious poems, like the "soldier's feet"

#3) I have learned that it takes me a while to be inspired to write. I usually just sit and brainstorm in class, and then at home, after having seen friends and other people, i tend to get inspired faster. I personally think that i dont need a lot of structure, and i like not having specific rules that i need to follow to write a story or a poem.

#4) Music reviews would be so much fun to write, now that i think about it! i love music, and i have so much of it and it is a big part of my life, so i think that it would be fun to write a couple reviews a week or something. otherwise, i would like to go back to poems.. i enjoyed writing those.